About The Event

Looking Ahead at the Way Architectural Design, Programming, Technology and the Evolution of Our Communities Will Shape the Theatres and Theatrical Experience of the Future.

A series of conversations with world class architects, designers, artists and arts leaders, this event will inspire and challenge participants through an examination of historic examples, new  perspectives, best practices and trends from around the world.


Sibiu – Forumul Democrat al Germanilor
din România: Sala Oglinzilor


Thursday to Saturday
June 20 to 22, 2019

The Art of Giving

Building on the 2019 Festival’s theme of THE ART OF GIVING, this year’s Therme Forum will explore the ways in which the physical and virtual public experience around theatres shapes our communities and impacts the Performing Arts, and influences the resilience /sustainability of our organizations. Gathering acclaimed architects, creatives, theatre professionals and artists together in a way unique to this meeting, this event will continue a public conversation that started with the 2018 Therme Forum in preparation for the design and construction of a new theatre complex in Sibiu.

Built & Virtual Environments

The impact and future evolution of theatre, music and dance experiences is, in part, a symbiotic relationship with our built environments, and play a critical role in the way arts organizations can respond to the challenges of developing a sustainable, resilient relationship with our communities. Virtual environments present unprecedented opportunities to respond to changing audience expectations, create new opportunities of expression and ways to connect to communities and audiences beyond geographic boundaries.